When New Tech Meets FinTech

PROJECT UPDATE   •   Jan 21, 2018


Innovation meets Creativity

At the core of each modern company is the will to stay up to date with new technology. This means innovation and creativity at the forefront of every project. At times the fit makes sense and other times it is forced. Far too often we see corporations building something for the sake of ticking it off their new tech list’. This approach is backwards; launching features and products without knowing if there is a real need for it.

Focus on The User

One company that has not fallen into this trap is Dreams Nordic, one of Scandinavia’s hottest FinTech startups and also a new client of Wolf and Halo. The approach we and Dreams have been taking is fast prototyping and internal testing. For instance our latest Augmented Reality test: without knowing if there is a need for AR in their product we set out to design and build augmented 3D models within days, push it out to test devices and have internal Dreams staff use it.

It doesn’t take very long to realise whether it will work for their customers or not.. And if it does, the changes are needed are clear. This process is cost effective and the learnings gained are valuable for their decision making. An even bigger up-side? By outsourcing to Wolf and Halo, these projects don’t intertwine or disrupt their work flow, keeping Dreams’ internal processes as frictionless as possible.

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