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Introducing the animators, designers and digital strategists behind your brand’s next entertaining, engaging and inviting visual story. From augmented reality to 2D animation, 3D modelling, SVG animation, and explainer videos, we’ve got you covered – we’ll make you content.

If you’d like to know more about the video production process, check out our post about it HERE.

Explainer Videos

Discovery – Social Media Policies

Bester Feed & Grain – Explainer

Stellenbosch University – Postgrad Video

Luno – App Explainer

Business Partners Ltd – Business Premises

SuiteBox – Explainer

Action Market – Explainer

Alternative Prosperity – Explainer

Nelson Mandela University – Explainer

Fluent Forever – Explainer

Stora Enso – Explainer

Deloitte – Emotional Contagion

Dreams – TedX Explainer

Dreams – Fund Launch

Global Forest – Explainer

Infinity Rewards – Explainer

D&Company – IDUN App Explainer

Blume – App Explainer

CBC – App Explainer

Bambora – ONE Explainer

Dreams – Behavioural Science Explainer

BillMap – Explainer

Discovery – Social Media Explainer

Plutus Commerce – Explainer

Kronans Apotek – Explainer

Blue Air – Joy Explainer

Blue Air – Face One Tutorial

Blue Air – Face One Promo – Explainer Video

Commercials, Documentaries & Editing

The Federalist Society – LaDC

AfriG Adventures – Promo

AfriG Adventures – Promo

Shoprite-Checkers – Instagram Filters

Shoprite-Checkers – Little Shop 2

Vega – Mantra Video

Wildhood – Campaign Video

Vriesenhof – TVC

Virgin Money Spot – Short

Day Zero – PSA

Business Partners Ltd – Interview

Business Partners Ltd – Property Finance

Business Partners Ltd – Interview

Dreams – Fortnite Savehack

Capsured – App Ad

Media24 – FunFarm Promo

Dreams – Adam Holm Video

Clickatell – Touch Intro

Dreams – New Product Video

4i Mobile – OfferZen Film

Miscellaneous 2D Work

The School of Life: The Problem with Being Too Logical in Love

Thrive Union: The Power of Absolute Responsibility

The School of Life: What Makes a Person Attractive?

The School of Life: The Capacity to Give Up on People

The School of Life: 5 Ways to Spot Emotional Immaturity

Vega – Typography Concept

Media24 – MyFunFarm Concept

Clickatell – App Walkthrough

Blue Air – Sense+ Tutorial

Dreams – Portionen under tian background

Dreams – Wheel of fortune background

Dreams – Milestone background

Dreams – Autopilot Savehack

Frozen Drinks Africa – Ice Blast Lemon

Wellness Warehouse – Logo Reveal

3D Work

BlueAir – IFA Video

3D Showcase: Bad Guy

3D Showcase: Good Guy

3D Showcase: Augmented Reality

Dreams – Thief Modeling Timelapse

3D Showcase: Custom Land Cruiser

Energy Partners – ICON Showcase

3D Showcase: Crane

Game Development: Megaman 3D

Media24 – AR Promo

3D Showcase: Rooms

Wolf & Halo Shorts

W&H Shorts: Gugulethu Drive

W&H Shorts: Parlez vous Croissant?

W&H Shorts: Handré Eating

W&H Shorts: Capslock

W&H Shorts: Diving Board

Stop Motion Sample

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